Exploring Alternatives to Traditional Braces

When it comes to one’s smile, it’s only natural to want a healthy, straight, confident smile. However, oftentimes when it comes to getting “that perfect smile,” it can be a bit overwhelming to explore all of the options available to you. Luckily, there are orthodontists who can help you. And, what’s more, there are even alternatives to getting traditional braces as well as affordable ways to get straighter teeth.

Available Alternatives To Traditional Braces

Traditional braces normally consist of brackets and metal wiring. Elastic bands are also used on traditional braces. The process is a long standing, effective practice that is considered a staple in orthodontics. However, as effective as they are, traditional braces have built a reputation of sometimes being uncomfortable and visibly unappealing. Alternatives were made to help rectify the things that gave traditional braces these perceived negative characteristics.

One alternative to traditional braces is clear braces. These braces, rather than using materials mostly composed of metal, use ceramic brackets. The ceramic helps make the braces appear less obvious, almost “clear” so to speak. Clear braces work the same way that traditional braces do, but with a more aesthetic appearance. Although metal braces are stronger than ceramic and less likely to get chipped, clear braces have a better visible appearance with the same effectiveness as the traditional metal braces.

Another alternative option that has become extremely popular is a form of “invisible braces” known as Invisalign. To be more specific, this alternative consists of clear aligners made of acrylic that help straighten one’s teeth without brackets and wiring. These aligners are more comfortable than traditional metal braces and they are easy to remove. This makes it easy to eat, drink, and clean teeth during the straightening process. As the teeth begin to straighten, the aligners get switched out until treatment is complete.

Although there are more modern alternatives to the traditional metal braces, it needs to be known that metal braces have come a long way as well. Brackets and wires have become smaller, lighter, visibly more appealing and more comfortable. These modern improvements to the traditional treatment help make metal braces their own alternatives in a way.

Where To Get Alternatives To Traditional Braces

These alternatives to traditional braces can be found at most orthodontic offices. For those living in the South Surrey area, Dream Orthodontics is a great place to go for getting your dream smile. The staff is known for treating patients like family. They have a reputation for being kind, friendly, and transparent.

In addition to the friendly environment, Dream Orthodontics provides the option to charge the patient’s insurance directly to help every patient achieve a straighter smile without “breaking the bank”. Consultations are free and available both in the office and virtually.

Thanks to modern orthodontics and the continuous updating to the practice, patients are able to get straighter teeth with comfortable treatments and great insurance options.