Getting Ready For Your First Orthodontic Visit

You’ve finally done it! You’ve booked your first orthodontic appointment. If you’re nervous or unsure about visiting the orthodontist, don’t worry; we’ve got some great advice to help you prepare for your first visit to Dream Orthodontics.

Here is a guide on preparing for your first orthodontic visit and what to expect.

Discuss Your Payment/Insurance Plan

Even though the initial consultation with the Dream Orthodontics Smile Specialists is complimentary, you may wonder about the financial commitment involved in maintaining that beautiful new smile. It is possible, for instance, that you or your child will need braces after this examination, in which case you will want to be sure that you have made the necessary financial preparations.

Please bring your orthodontic/dental insurance details if you have them. We’ll better understand your insurance coverage if you provide us with this info at your initial appointment.

Ask About Your Dental Records

Make sure you know which files must be sent to the new orthodontic office when you make your appointment. Because you will likely be referred to an orthodontist by your family dentist, information on your oral health is typically transferred over. 

Follow Instructions

Ask if there is anything you need to do to prepare before your orthodontic consultation. Particular treatments, for instance, may require certain preparations. 

If braces are necessary, you will likely be given a set of guidelines to follow. To achieve the best possible outcomes and the highest level of patient satisfaction, we believe it is crucial to evaluate each patient’s circumstances thoroughly.

Have Company

Getting a better grin is a process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Even when well-prepared, many patients still experience anxiety before visiting the orthodontist. Bring a friend or family member with you if you need moral support. Let your kids know you’ll be present to lend moral support and ask any pertinent questions when you take them to the office.

What to Expect During your First Orthodontic Visit

It’s natural to feel excitement or apprehension as you begin orthodontic treatment, but rest assured you have nothing to worry about. This initial consultation is essential to ensuring you feel comfortable with the steps ahead. Your orthodontist can also assess your situation and suggest a customized treatment strategy during this appointment.

It’s a good idea to have a list of questions prepared to ask during your first session so you don’t feel ill-prepared. Asking the right questions will help you leave your consultation feeling satisfied and educated about your treatment plan.


You won’t immediately begin treatment the first time you visit your orthodontist. Instead, your initial appointment is designed to ease your mind about your treatment options.

You may be given a tour of the facility and introduced to the staff during your treatment. Your orthodontist will also be available to address any concerns you may have at this time, including those about payment, alternative treatment plans, and so on.


The first time you see your orthodontist, they will typically begin a detailed record of your teeth, mouth, and jaw. These files contain photos of your teeth, grin, and face.

Your upper and lower jaw, and your teeth, will all be visible thanks to the digital photographs that we’ll take of your teeth.


After taking detailed photos and measurements, your orthodontist will evaluate the results and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. A rough estimate of the time it will take to straighten your teeth will also typically be provided.

Start your Treatment

Typically your orthodontic journey will start with a few visits to the office. Once you feel like we’ve answered all of your questions and concerns, you can start your treatment that same day.

Review the questions below to prepare for your first orthodontic appointment.

Questions You Can Ask During Your First Orthodontic Visit

  • What treatment options do you offer?
  • After reviewing my case, is there a best treatment plan for me?
  • How often will I be visiting your office?
  • If I follow your recommendations, how long do you think my treatment will take?
  • Do you accept insurance?
  • Do you offer payment plans?

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Our goal here at Dream Orthodontics is to make your initial consultation informative, comforting, and welcoming.

We look forward to getting to know you and your loved ones as we provide you with the finest orthodontic care available. We understand how important it is for you to feel confident in our abilities.

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