Importance of Mouth Guards in Sports

Now that fall is right around the corner, and kids are heading back to school, families will be busy with lots of sports starting up. Its time to talk about the importance of wearing mouth guards when partaking in sports. Playing Soccer, football and hockey can cause injuries to the face and mouth. By wearing a mouth guard while taking part in these sports and other physical activities, you can greatly reduce the risk of becoming injured when struck in the face or head.

Why Mouth Guards?
Mouth guards are routinely worn by professional and non-professional athletes alike who are involved in all types of sports to protect their teeth and soft tissue of the mouth from injury. They can also protect children from such head and neck injuries as concussions and jaw fractures. Mouth guards should always be worn by active individuals who are wearing orthodontic braces as they help to limit the risk of injuries to the lips, tongue and soft tissue and reduce the chances that braces will become damaged upon contact.

The cost to repair a knocked out tooth can cost a great deal of money which always totals much more that what a mouth guard costs.

Types of mouth guards available

There are three main types of mouth guards available today. Off the shelf, boil to fit and custom made mouth guards. Boil to fit mouth guards are found in sports stores. Different types and brands vary in terms of comfort, protection and cost. Customised mouth guards are available through a Dentist or Orthodontist. They cost a bit more but are more comfortable and more effective in preventing injuries.

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