Orthodontic and Oral Health resolutions for the New Year!

The start of a new year is usually accompanied by a flurry of healthy resolutions. Here are some ideas for orthodontic and oral health resolutions that you might want to include in your list for 2018, from Dream Orthodontics.

Oral Health Resolution #1: Practice excellent oral hygiene every day
Of course this one is important whether you wear braces or not, but because braces create places where food remnants and bacteria can get trapped, you will need to pay special attention if you are in treatment. When food and bacteria remain in your mouth, they can cause gingivitis, calculus buildup, and cavities. In more extreme cases, failing to clean your teeth well with braces can lead to demineralization of your teeth. So, start by selecting a flossing tool:

At Dream Orthodontics we recommend Water Picks or Sonicare electric tooth brushes to get the best results. Interdental brush and floss threaders are also effective if you are wearing braces. While regular waxed floss is a little more complicated, it is the cheapest option and, if you learn to thread it between each bracket and wire, can do the job just as well as the other options.
Take your time while brushing: To ensure that your teeth gum, wires and brackets are properly cleaned, you will need to take a little more time than when you were wireless. Make sure you brush the back, front, top and bottom of each tooth, getting close to the gum line and brushing all of your chewing surfaces too.

Oral Health Resolution #2: Schedule your regular dental hygiene visits for the entire year
While you are undergoing treatment with us, you need to make sure that your dentist and hygienist see you for your twice yearly hygiene visits too. Occasionally you may need to have an extra cleaning, depending on your oral hygiene circumstances Some dentists require you to have your wires removed for these appointments. No problem. Schedule an appointment immediately before and after your dentist visit, with our office, and we will remove and replace them in no time. This takes some coordination however, so be sure to contact us well in advance.

Oral Health Resolution #3: Protect your smile by wearing your retainer every day in 2018
Your retainer is critical to ensuring the longevity of your smile, and you’ll need to wear it every day to make sure it’s effective. If you’ve recently had your braces removed or are getting them off next year, resolve to wear your retainer as much as prescribed by Dr. Morra.

Oral Health Resolution #4: Cut down on sugar and drink more water
If there’s one simple thing you can do to improve the health of your teeth, it’s cutting down on sugar and soft drinks. Sugar interacts with bacteria in the mouth to form acids that eat away at tooth enamel, which can cause decay. Cutting back on sugar will not only benefit your teeth, but your overall health in general.
Did you know that the role of saliva is to keep your mouth clean, and that drinking water helps encourage saliva production? Water will also help flush pieces of food from your braces.

Oral Health Resolution #5: Keep all of your appointments at Dream Orthodontics
Being on time and keeping your appointments will help keep your treatment plan on track. Your smile will thank you!

Wishing you all a healthy New Year!