Do orthodontists offer more than braces?

At Dream Orthodontics, we understand the importance of having a beautiful smile. But do orthodontists offer more than just braces? The answer is yes! Orthodontists offer many treatments to straighten teeth and improve your smile, from traditional braces to clear aligners such as Invisalign.

 In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of treatments available and the benefits of each.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are among the most popular forms of orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are a series of plastic trays that fit over your teeth. Each tray design gently moves your teeth into place over time.

The trays are made from medical-grade plastic, uniquely tailored to fit your mouth. With clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without needing metal wires or brackets.

Clear aligners are completely removable, making them comfortable and easy to maintain while allowing you to eat whatever you want.

They are also practically invisible, meaning they won’t impact your appearance during treatment. Another advantage of clear aligners is that they do not require tightening appointments or trips to the orthodontist since the trays are adjusted each time a new set is issued.

Clear Braces

Clear braces, or ceramic braces, are an orthodontic option for patients seeking an aesthetically pleasing treatment. These braces consist of a clear bracket bonded to the front of the teeth. The clear brackets are ceramic and are much less visible than traditional metal braces. With clear braces, patients can straighten their teeth without worrying about the appearance of metal brackets.

Clear braces provide the same results as traditional braces. However, they are more comfortable since they are made of ceramic material, making them smoother and more gentle on the teeth and gums.

Since they are more discreet than traditional metal braces, clear braces can help boost confidence by providing a more natural-looking smile.

Overall, clear braces can be a great option for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment. They are comfortable, discreet, and effective in providing the desired results. Clear braces can give patients a beautiful and confident smile with proper care and maintenance.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. They consist of brackets and archwires bonded to the teeth. The archwire is connected to the brackets and is adjusted periodically to move the teeth into their desired positions. Traditional braces can treat many orthodontic issues, including crooked, misaligned, and gapped teeth.

The advantage of traditional braces is that they can effectively correct more severe cases of misalignment. Traditional braces also tend to be more cost-effective than other forms of orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, traditional braces are available in a variety of materials, including metal and ceramic, giving patients a wide range of options when selecting their braces.

Traditional braces are a popular and effective treatment for many orthodontic issues. They are an ideal choice for those with more severe misalignment or spacing issues and those who prefer a more cost-effective option.

Final Thoughts

At Dream Orthodontics, we offer a variety of options when it comes to straightening teeth and achieving beautiful smiles. From traditional braces to clear aligners like Invisalign, our team is dedicated to finding the best solution for each patient’s needs.

No matter which route you choose, you can be sure that the staff at Dream Orthodontics will provide you with quality care and stunning results. Whether looking for an easy and discreet way to straighten your teeth or a comprehensive solution to complex dental issues, the team at Dream Orthodontics can help! Call today to schedule an in person or virtual appointment.